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What is the difference between the Xsample Player and the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt?
Kontakt is a very powerful sampler and allows the development of complex virtual instruments. That is, a Xsample Kontakt Library has much more features and playing styles than a Xsample Player Library. Conclusion: It is a question of the budget. More features means a greater investment.
What can I do, if I have issues with the installation of a bonus feature (Finale Human Playback, Sibelius Sound Set, Notion Rules, Cubase Expression Maps, Reaper Banks)?
Basically Xsample provides a simple guide to install the bonus features. However, since each DAW or notation software is specific, we refer to the manuals of the respective manufacturers.
Do I need to "add library" in Kontakt to install a Xsample Kontakt Library?
No, "add library" is only necessary for with Native Instruments registered Kontakt Player libraries. An Xsample Kontakt Library is licensed and registered exclusively with Xsample.
I get the error message "samples missing" when loading the instruments of a Xsample Kontakt Library. What can I do?
When you download the Xsample products, you will get various rar files or installation files. Please make sure to extract (install) each archive (installer) into the same folder (installation path). In this case, repeat the installation and unpack (install) all Library archives to the same folder (installation path).
Each Xsample Instrument has individual settings for the Legato function. These settings are of course a matter of taste. To change these settings, you need the password of the Legato script. The password is: "password" Locate the line: declare const $XSample := 0 Change the value "0" to "1". Finally, press the "apply" button. All parameters of the Legato function will appear. However, we advise against changing the controllers 24 and 68 as the other scripts access them.
I would like to make some changes to the Legato function. Is there a possibility?
I have problems with very slow rendering in Cubase or stuttering graphics in Logic. What can I do?
This bug has been fixed in version 6.3.1 of Kontakt.
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